To comply with the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) Act, the Community Action Commission (CAC) of Fayette County will need to complete a needs assessment.

The community needs assessment is a process used to determine unmet needs of low-income individuals, families and communities. Conducting the assessment is of great importance, as it informs both CSBG-eligible entities as to how to best direct funds toward meeting the needs of low-income persons in their service areas in accordance with the assurances in the CSBG Act.

“We believe that we can accomplish our mission only when our activities are directed by and inclusive of people with lower incomes and that live and serve in our community,” CAC planner, Christina Blair, said. “Our efforts will be in response to local needs, conducted with an awareness of national trends and policies, organized within strong community-wide partnerships, and respectful of and sensitive to the diversity and strengths of all community members.”

Those who wish to participate in the assessment should visit and take a few minutes to complete a survey. The survey, after asking for an age group, race and a particular identifier, will task those completing the survey with rating the needs of the community. Homelessness, home assistance, health care, drug addiction and other issues were all included on the list and can be placed on a scale between not important or the most important. All surveys need to be completed by Aug. 10.