Getting Ahead

getting-aheadProgram Overview

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World is a 45-hour workshop that helps individuals in poverty build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Getting Ahead provides people in poverty with the same information found in Bridges Out of Poverty, which was developed for professionals and others in the community working to end poverty. Please stay tuned for more details on how to schedule a training or how to become a mentor for individuals graduating from the Getting Ahead program.

The Getting Ahead Curriculum:

Involves rigorous work done in a safe learning environment with the support of an experienced facilitator and co-facilitator.

Enables participants, called “investigators,” to examine their own experience of poverty as well as explore issues in the community that impact poverty − banking, housing, jobs, transportation − providing critical information the community can use to take action to end poverty.

Guides investigators through an assessment of their own resources and how to build those resources as part of their move to self-sufficiency.

Puts the concepts, tools, and relationships in the hands of people in poverty to make a difference in their own lives and in the life of their community.

Eligibility Guidelines

Getting Ahead participants are individuals living in unstable situations or persistent poverty.  While there is no particular documentation a participant must provide, they will complete an interview and orientation for a determination of their suitability for the program.

Contact Information

To enroll, contact Christina Blair at 740-335-7282 ext 125


Recruitment Flyer

The Getting Ahead Program is based on research and work by renowned anti-poverty advocate Dr. Ruby Payne.  Visit these websites to learn more about her work and our approach to working with people in poverty and helping them get ahead: