SSI Ohio

SSI Ohio Project

The SSI Ohio Project is a model pilot program developed by the Interagency Council on Homelessness and Affordable Housing and administered by COHHIO since June, 2008. The Community Action Commission of Fayette County became a SSI Ohio site in July 2011. It expands the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) to include SSI and SSDI benefits. The OBB is a program that helps low and moderate income Ohians gain access to work supports and other public benefits that help lead to financial stability. The SSI Ohio Project helps individuals 18 and older with disabilities who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, or exiting an institution obtain their SSI/SSDI and medical benefits.


  • Expedite the SSI/SSDI Application Process
  • Reduce Barriers to Apply for SSI/SSDI
  • Increase the number of homeless and disabled individuals receiving benefits

Eligibility: Individuals must be homeless, at risk of homelessness, exiting a nursing home, exiting a mental health facility, or exiting another institution.

Contact Information

Need assistance applying for SSI/SSDI benefits? For more information contact Melinda Hellard @ 740.335.7282 ext 131