Job Title: Youth & Community Engagement Coordinator

Summary:  The CACFC is currently looking for a youth and community engagement coordinator to join our team. The ideal candidate is someone who is energetic, self-motivated, and passionate about substance abuse prevention and excited to empower youth to make healthy decisions. We are looking for a hard-working individual who is able to connect the big picture to daily work and communicate effectively to a wide variety of organizational partners and participants. This position offers a great opportunity to work toward positive change that will impact the policies and systems surrounding health in the community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  Carries out multiple simultaneous, long-range projects independently and collaboratively, including outreach and education events. Engages in and carries out youth recruitment actively and continually. Creates and carries out youth program training and curricula on a weekly basis. Meets with community members and partners regularly.  Tracks progress of health-related policy development in the community. Assists in community assessment, evaluating program results and impacts.  Serves as staff support to prevention coalition subcommittees.  Assists with maintaining DFC documentation and reporting in connection with their work.  Develops, coordinates and implements prevention programs and alternative youth activities to decrease and prevent drug and alcohol involvement and related risk behavior.  Assists community groups, other agencies and organizations in developing, organizing and conducting programs to prevent and resolve conditions and problems related to alcohol and drug abuse; Plans, organizes and conducts training for staff of other State and local agencies, schools, local businesses, industries and community groups involved in alcohol and drug abuse programs.  Communicates with the media and other sector representatives regularly. Provides support to coalition leadership.  Secures local in-kind and cash donations.  Recruits coalition members and volunteers.

Qualifications:   Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Education, Social Services, Counseling or closely related field required and/or Certified Health Education Specialist.  Must have, be working on, or willing to work on Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant or working toward OCPS Certification.  Experience working with Microsoft Office.  Must have exceptional interpersonal and relations skills, strong organization skills, and the ability to create and maintain community partnerships.  Must be experienced and/or excited by working with youth, especially ages 11-17, in a non-academic setting, such as a recreation or experiential learning environment.

Skills:  Community Organizing: ability to create and form positive, authentic relationships with community members from multiple backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences and inspire involvement in our work; Effective writing skills (able to understand audience and tone, communicate across a variety of platforms in a positive and effective manner); Ability to bring together and foster a team of youth to carry out projects; Project management; Facilitation of youth groups; Empathy and curiosity; Adeptly uses word processing, spreadsheets, social media, and other technology as needed.

Supervisory Requirements:  Reports the DFC Co-Director and Youth Coalition Committee Chair.  Coordinates and supervises coalition members, youth leaders, and volunteers.

Travel:  Travel to workshops, conferences, and meetings required.  May involve overnight, out of town, and out of state travel.

Salary Range/Hours:  $14/hour; Full-time; 40 hrs/week Monday – Friday

If interested, contact Nina Rains 741-335-7282 x131 or by email