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Community Needs Assessment & Strategic Plan

Fayette County Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment 2021 to 2023
Strategic Plan 2021-2023
Workplans for Strategic Plan
Community Needs Assessment 2018-2020

Primary Data
Assessment Tools

Need Assessment Survey
Business Survey
Employee Engagement
Agenda for Focus Groups


Needs Assessment Results Summary Data
Needs Assessment Strategic Planning Individual Responses
Employee Engagement Survey Results
Focus Group 5.18.20 Focus Group 5.19.20
Due to potentially identifying information, Focus Groups from 7/23/20 will not be shared publicly but were taken into account.
Business Survey Results
Jail Survey Results
Customer Satisfaction 2019
Customer Satisfaction Results 2020
CoC-APR 2019 – ServicePoint All Homeless Programs
Client Characteristics CY 2019

Secondary Data Sources

U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts_ Fayette County, Ohio 2019
Needs Assessment Data Poverty
Needs Assessment Housing Data
Health Indicators Report Fayette County
ODSA Fayette County Profile
Priced Out Fayette Only
Opioid Related Overdose Deaths
Disability Statistics
SSI SSDI Recipients
Census – Table Results – Disability Characteristics
Crime Statistics
Census – Geography Profile
American Housing Survey 2015
2019-StateOfPoverty Fayette pages
Fayette County, Ohio _ County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
Spark Map Fayette County Profile 
OHA-Public-Data-Release – Overdose Encounter
Copy of FY19 Drug of Choice Compiled Report Annual
Self-Sufficiency Standard Fayette County Ohio