Summer Crisis

The Summer Crisis Program provides summer cooling assistance for low-income elderly households and for Ohioans with qualifying medical conditions. The program applies to electric utilities only.

One-time payment assistance of up to $175 to be put towards electric bill.

To be eligible households must have:

  • A member who is has an illness that would benefit from assistance, verified by physician documentation; or
  • Have a member of the household who is at least 60 years old

Applicants/households must have a gross annual income of 175 percent of the federal poverty guidelines

Documentation needed:

  • ID of the person applying for assistance
  • Last 3 months of the household income
  • Birth Certificates
  • Everyone in the house needs to have social security cards & date of birth
  • Most recent gas & electric bills or new account numbers
  • Disconnect notice

Contact Information

Tracey Hixon 740-335-7282 Ext. 15