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Mobility Management

Mobility Management 

Mobility Management is the innovation in transportation services and coordination.  Local and regional solutions are adapted to fit into community needs and visions.  Our Mobility Manager works with transportation challenged populations.  These include:  youth, people with disabilities, older people and individuals with low incomes.  These individuals are served within mainstream supports and other times more creatively to meet their needs.

The Mobility Manager at the CAC of Fayette County provides information and referral to assist individuals in learning how to access community and regional transportation services.  She also coordinated planning and delivery of transit services through a collaborative, community coalition-based model.  Transportation providers, planners, and community stakeholders plan, implement, and maintain a family of transportation services.  Through these partnerships we are able to coordinate limited resources, identify gaps in service, and share solutions to common problems.

While our mobility management program does not physically provide transportation, the Mobility Manager will connect program participants to the appropriate resources in the community.

Transportation Resources of Fayette County

For more information, please access our local Inclusion & Participation Plan 2016

Medicaid Approval Flyer

Contact Lauree at 740-313-7062

for assistance with Mobility Management.