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Take Control of Your Pain!   

Chronic Pain Self-Management is a free, six-week, small group workshop by PHONE that helps participants learn proven strategies to manage chronic pain and health conditions to feel healthier. During this time, connect and support each other while setting goals and making step-by-step plans to improve your health! FREE workshop materials will be delivered to your home! 

Chronic Pain Self-Management is for you if:

  • You have long-term pain or care for someone living with chronic pain
  • You are looking for better ways to manage pain symptoms
  • Feel limited in your daily activities
  • Feel tired or alone because of your health

Topics include:

  • Setting and achieving personal goals
  • Strategies to deal with pain, stress, fatigue and depression
  • Using physical activity to improve strength and flexibility
  • How to use medications safely and appropriately; and
  • Better ways to talk with your doctor and your family about your pain

Space is limited, so register today! Registration deadline April 19th. Please plan to attend all six sessions.

April 27-June 1,2021


Registration is required to receive materials and call-in number

Contact Us: 740-335-7282 Judy ext. 115 or Chelsea ext. 132